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Timothy Part

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Welcome to my website.

My practice is based in Marshfield Wiltshire, just north from the city of Bath. I specialize in a combination of Clinical Homeopathy and Bio-Electric Function Diagnostics, a Pain-Free method.

My studies began at the College of Progressive Homeopathy, with Dr Adrian Lindeman and Janice Seeley, including Clinical Homeopathy and Bio-Functional Diagnosis (B.F.D). B.F.D. is the most advanced form of Electro Acupuncture. A non-invasive method of measuring the health of all internal systems.

Graduating in February of 2001 I then studied Electro Acupuncture according to Dr Voll in Germany at the Pitterling Institute. With the help of the Pitterlings, Dr Voll developed a technique of measuring galvanic skin reaction on the Acupuncture points. He also developed many ground breaking homeopathic protocols. Together they form one of the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment models available today.

I graduated from Pitterling institute in June 2004. Further studies include Dr Reckeweg's anti-homotoxic medicine in a course from the Academy of Homotoxicology and Bio-regulatory Medicine. This Diploma course has afforded me extensive studies in Homotoxicology, giving me the tools to detoxify the body and stimulate the bio-regulatory system. This method of healing involves natural homeopathic remedies and state of the art technology and is an ideal way to work with chronic conditions.My studies continued in Germany and Italy.

Also I am a member of the Society of Homotoxicology and the The British Register of Complimentary Medicine. I am also registered with the pioneering Dr Rosy Daniel on her Healthy Bristol and Integrated Medicine Directory.

Timothy Part has succesfully treated patients worldwide, in the UK and has many happy patients in North Somerset and Avon, including areas such as Bath and Bristol, Swindon, Gloucester and Chippenham

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